Special birthdays

These are some of the 'special age' birthday cakes that I have made, see others on the Number cakes and other pages on this website. 

Police helmet
photograph frame cake
Tiger tank cake
Finger licking good cake
Accountant's personalised cake
Rose Garden cake
Gold stripes cake
Kennel cake
Hot pink 40 cakes
mechanics toolbox cake
50th birthday cake with dogs
Welsh flag cake
Scaffold cake
Scottish flag cake
Pink and white 50th birthday cake
Round gift box cake
Football shirt cake
50th birthday cake
Chelsea Dad cake
Triumph motorbike cake
Purple and white birthday cake
60th birthday cycle cake
Guitar 60 cake
Hot pink 60th birthday cake
John Smith's beer can cake
70 in flowers cake
Lady in chair cake
70th birthday cake
70 in flowers cake
Fish and bait box cake
Dartford FC shirt cake
60th birthday cake
personalised 80th birthday cake
Flower age cake
Newspaper cake.
90th birthday cake