Cakes for ladies.

Balloon and roses buttercream cake
Black quilted handbag cake
sewing cake
Shoe cake
Black handbag cake
Purple and white flower cake
flower age cake
Pandora cake
Handbag cake
White buttercream birthday cake
50th drip cake
Chocolate shoe cake
Pinny cake
Green handbag cake
High heel shoe cak
Pink ombre buttercream cake
Hot pink 40 cakes
Gift box with bow cake
Heart gift cake
cupcake bouquet
70 in flowers cake
Flower topped cake
Flower topped cake
Buttercream roses cake
Pink flower cake
A box of flowers.jpg
Make up cake
Rose Garden
Pink and white 50th birthday cake
Mother's Day Cake
Butterflies and Gerbera
Ruffle cake with cup cakes
Ruffle cake and ball gown cup cakes
Flower and ribbon cake
Mothers Day Cake
Ruffle cake
Ball gown cup cake
Drunken hen cake
Drunken Hen  cake
Daisy Cake.png
Muscles with towel.jpg
Muscles with police helmet.jpg
Yellow roses cake
Stripy on the outside...
Stripey on the outside...
Pink teddy bear cake.
Police woman's hat.
Hearts cake
Hearts and rose cake 2
Roses and butterflies cake